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New School Year!

We, your 23/24 PAC Executive, would like to welcome you to/back to our community! We are very excited for another amazing year, creating memories while raising funds for our students at Mar Jok. We had an incredible year last year, raising funds for our school through FUNdraisers (they really were all fun!) that provided

so many memories and experiences for our students. We are a team of 11 volunteers this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the success of our fundraisers and events that we have all grown to love and anticipate, is heavily reliant on parent participation. We cannot run the events and fundraisers that we do, without the help from you, our parents. Please, if you are able, reach out to our Executive Team via email, through Facebook, or if you see us at school. We will also be posting on Facebook and on our website when we are in need of volunteers. We would like to share some stats with you from our 22/23 year: Hot Lunch: • 34 hot lunch days • Over 10,000 lunches served • 20+ hours of volunteer time donated/week = 680+ hours/year of volunteering needed • 200+ km driven each year by hot lunch coordinators and volunteers for food pick up Other PAC organized and/or funded items: • Kindergarten shirts • Grade 5 hoodies • Year end freezies • Staff appreciation terms 1,2,3 • Alien in-line for all students • Gymnastics by West Kelowna Gymnastix for all students • Classroom supplies • Warren Miller Movie Night • Family Movie Night • School dance • EPIC Party (yearend school fair) • Plus various other fundraisers fun throughout the year (Purdys, colibri lunch bags etc.) Total funds raised in 22/23: $29,332.00 We would like to invite anyone who is interested to attend our first PAC meeting of the year on September 18th, at 6:30pm, at the school on the second level. Please note, that due to other commitments held by our Executive team, we will be diligent in keeping our meetings to one hour or less. As such, please be sure to communicate any topics or questions you would like to speak to at the meeting in advance, to our Executive Team via email so we can address in an efficient manner. While we are, as always, committed to addressing all questions and subjects, we will remain committed to keeping our meetings efficient and ending on time.


Mar Jok PAC


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