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2024-2025 Executive Nominations


Mar Jok Parent Advisory

Council Executive 

Deadline: April 29, 2024 11:59pm
Submit nominations to

Looking for a way to become more involved in your child’s school? Come join the PAC! This is a great way to work together with other parents and the school's administration to make your child’s school year full of fun events and have a say in which fundraisers the PAC puts on!

Nominations for the Mar Jok Parent Advisory Council Executive for the 2024-2025 school year are now open! If you want to be more involved with our amazing school, please consider running for the PAC Executive for the upcoming school year. 

Who can run for a position?

Under our Bylaws, all parents and guardians of students registered at Mar Jok Elementary School are considered members of the Mar Jok Parent Advisory and may be voting members of the group. Any voting member [of the Council] is eligible to serve on the executive. 



If you would like to nominate yourself or another parent/guardian for one of the PAC Executive positions for the 2024-2025 school year, please send an email to the PAC at Please include the nominee’s name and the position being  nominated for, cc-ing the nominee on the email. All nominations must be received by April 29, 2024 at 11:59pm.


Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting on May 6, 2024 at 6:30pm. All nominees must attend the AGM in order to accept the nominations and be present for the elections. If only one nominee is standing for a position, appointment is by acclamation. If there is more than one nominee, a vote will take place.


Members must vote in person (or via Zoom); voting by proxy will not be permitted. Voting is by the show of hands or, where requested by two voting members present, by secret ballot. 

For those voting virtually, attendees must identify themselves by full first and last name and have their device camera turned on in order to have their vote counted. In the case of an electronic secret ballot, appropriate and secure voting software will be used and every effort will be made to validate the identity of each voting member; this includes requiring members to attend the meeting individually on their own device, at least for the voting portion of the meeting, to have turned on their video and audio, and to be accessing the meeting through a stable internet connection.


All positions are elected annually and open for election for a one year term. There is a time commitment for each role – attending the general meetings (at least 5 per year) and executive meetings prior to each general meeting. Time for fundraisers and events varies by role and the direction the PAC wants to go for the year. 

Information on the roles and responsibilities can be found in the PAC Bylaws:


  • President: Chairs the PAC meetings, meets with the school administration on PAC matters, supports other members of the PAC 

  • Vice-President: Supports the President and assumes their duties, if absent

  • Treasurer: Handles the money! Ensures all finances are accounted for and submits annual PST rebate, annual gaming account report. Drafts annual budget. Is one of three signing officers for money. 

  • Secretary: Creates and distributes meeting agendas and meetings; handles PAC correspondence; ensures bylaws and records and maintained. 

  • District PAC Representative (DPAC/COPAC): Is our PAC representative and the Central Okanagan PAC (COPAC)

  • Member(s) at Large (3-5 positions): members at large serve in a capacity to be determined by the Council at the time of election or at other times as the Council requires; past roles have coordinated hot lunch, spirit wear, volunteers and events

In addition to the above, PAC members take on the following duties (but these are not attached to a specific role):


  • PAC website – keep PAC website updated with upcoming events and information

  • Hot lunch – organizes vendors and ensures items offered meet food guidelines; keeps hot lunch website updated; orders food for kiosk; organizes volunteers and runs distribution of hot lunches to students

  • Epic – is the PAC run year end event for the school and community. This is our major event and involves organizing volunteers, liaising with food trucks, organizing activities (e.g. bouncy castles, cake walk, park’n’play etc), arranging items for raffle baskets, getting sponsors for silent auction.

  • Other Events – the PAC decides which events it wants to run each year and may opt to create sub-committees for these events. In 2023-24, the following were PAC events

    • Ski Movie night

    • Grinch Movie

    • Spring Dance

  • Fundraisers – the PAC decides which events it wants to run each year and usually has 1-2 PAC member(s) take the lead on each fundraiser to organize it, liaise with the vendor, manage orders and ensure items are distributed. In 2023-24, the following were PAC fundraisers

    • Spiritwear (also coordinates kindergarten t-shirts and grade 5 hoodies)

    • Purdy’s Chocolates

    • Colibri Bags

    • Smash & Tess

    • West Coast Seeds

    • Spring Photos

    • Mabel’s labels

    • Cobbs bread

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