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Hot Lunch Program





Welcome Back Students and Parents!


Here’s a little hot lunch update for the new school year….


If you don’t have a Munch A Lunch account you can sign up for one by visiting Be sure to select Mar Jok Elementary as your school.


All lunch orders must be ordered and paid through this site. We offer no cash sales. Hot lunch will be every Wednesday with our first date set for Sept 27th. New menus will be available on Sept 13th with the first lunch order and payment due by midnight Sept 19th.


If the order and payment date has been missed your child will not receive a hot lunch. This will be strongly enforced this year. Please consider joining our PAC Mar Jok Facebook page as we post weekly reminders.


If you have ordered and paid for a hot lunch and your child is absent on the day of, feel free to stop by the school between 11-12pm to pick up. After 12pm no lunches will be held due to food safety concerns. Mar Jok is a pack in/pack out school for lunch litter so any uneaten food will be sent home with your child.


We look forward to another successful year of lunches!


This is a huge fundraiser for the school so your participation is greatly appreciated!


Any further questions please reach out to


Thank you!

The Hot Lunch Team

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Thank You

Volunteers needed!

We cannot successfully run the lunch program without volunteers, so please consider signing up for a session which can be done right on the Munch A Lunch website.


You can also show up on Wednesdays anywhere from 10:15-11 to help out. Please keep in mind you need an updated criminal record check.


Our hot lunch program requires a minimum of 10 volunteers for every hot lunch day who will deliver lunches to the classrooms. 

Behind the scenes, our amazing Hot Lunch Team is run by some dedicated parent volunteers who ensure the program runs smoothly for the volunteers, staff and students. The coordinator works with vendors to order the hot lunches and ensures there are sufficient supplies. 



Important Reminders

  • CASH orders will NOT be ACCEPTED. ALL orders must be placed online 7 days prior. Food ordered from the vendors is based on your online orders. Therefore, we will not have extras and there will be NO CASH SALES on Hot Lunch days.

  • Ordering can also be done one week at a time but the ordering deadline is 7 days prior.


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